Saturday, March 23, 2013

On Picture-Taking

Please, digitally raise your hand if you are an avid picture-taker (yes, I realize that photographer is the proper term, but I sorta think there's a difference between the art of photography and the pleasure of frequent picture-taking).  I am, and have been since my youthful days of disposable Kodak cameras.  I just love capturing images of friends, places, random interesting/weird things, to keep in my archives indefinitely.  At times, though, I feel concerned that my frequent picture-taking either gets annoying to my companions, or that it keeps me from being in the moment (especially thanks to iPhones -- the camera's always in your pocket, just asking to take a picture).  How do my fellow picture-taking friends find balance in this?  I'd love your input!

(photo via here)


  1. i feel like this a lot, especially where my baby is concerned... i've somewhat calmed down on the picture taking, but i think that it's still important to do. that way you can remember the moment, as well as live it. it's all about finding a balance i suppose... if you figure it out, let me know ;)

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